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Help Further Our Mission by Donating Your Appreciated Stocks and Securities

Operation Benjamin welcomes gifts of stock or securities, which can be particularly advantageous to the donor.

By gifting appreciated stocks, mutual funds or ETF’s, you may be entitled to receive a tax deduction* for the total value of the stock/ETF/mutual fund you donate and avoid the capital gains tax you would pay if selling theses securities. The avoidance of paying a capital gain on the appreciated asset you donate and receiving a tax deduction for the current market value, makes donating appreciated assets an attractive idea. 

*You must itemize expenses to receive the tax deduction for the full value of your donation of securities (vs. using the standard deduction).

LPL Corporation 
DTC Number 0075 
Operation Benjamin, Inc. 
Account Number 5516-1587

Or mail the physical certificate to 
LPL Financial 
7630 Little River Turnpike, Suite 611 
Annandale, VA 22003 

For physical certificates, they must be signed by the individual(s) whose name(s) appear on the front of the certificate. The signature(s) must exactly match the name(s) as it is registered on the front of the certificate.

If the certificate is made out to anyone other than Operation Benjamin, Inc, you will need to sign two easy forms that are available from LPL – call 703-354-3500 or email

Please contact our Administrator at ythorburn@operationbenjamin if you are sending stocks. By Federal law, the stocks do not transfer with a name attached. You must notify us in order to ensure we credit the correct donor. 

Use your IRA as a Charitable Giving Account 

For donors over 70 1/2, you can direct distributions from your IRA to Operation Benjamin without paying any taxes. If you take a Required Minimum Distribution (RMD), your direct gift will satisfy the IRS regulation that requires withdrawals that could result in income and taxes you might not desire at this time, resulting in increased taxes. 

Provide your financial professional the following information for your RMD Charitable Gift: 
EIN # is:  37-1944137
Operation Benjamin, Inc. 

*You should consult with your financial advisor and/or accountant and not consider the information above as tax or financial advice.

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