for an Unforgettable Jewish History Excursion


8 Days in Amsterdam, The Ardennes, Luxembourg, Lorraine,

Ramstein, Mainz, Spiers, Worms, and Frankfurt!


*Tentative Dates: August 22 - August 29, 2021

Pricing: $4,000 (excluding airfare)

Rashi Shul in Worms

This indentation is said to have been miraculously created to protect Rashi’s mother when she was pregnant with him from being hurt while walking in the narrow alley. This obviously is a myth because Rashi was born in France and did not come to Worms until he was in his twenties.

Rashi Shul Indentation

The oldest existing Jewish cemetery in Western Europe is in Worms. One of the most famous Jews buried there is Rabbi Meir of Rothenberg. He was captured while trying to escape from Germany at the end of the thirteenth century and he spent the last years of his life imprisoned. He died in captivity in 1293 and the authorities did not want to release his body until fourteen years later when, it is said, Alexander Wimpfen offered to ransom it on condition that he would be buried next to Rabbi Meir when he died. The graves of both are shown here side by side towards the entrance to the cemetery.

Grave of the Maharam MiRuttenburg

Worms was one of the most prominent Jewish communities in the Middle Ages. One of the earliest yeshivot in Germany was founded there by Rabbenu Gershom Meor Hagolah in the second half of the tenth century. Rashi came to learn there in the middle of the eleventh century. This shul right near the cemetery, first built in the 1030s, is named for him.

Rashi Shul in Worms


• Daily lectures from one of Jewish intellectual life’s most outstanding historians

• First Class hotels, transportation & Kosher meals

• Daily minyanim

• We will experience history as we participate in moving ceremonies at American Military Cemeteries for four Jewish officers from WWII who were killed-in-action and mistakenly buried under Latin Crosses. We will, along with the families of the fallen, witness the changing of their headstones to Jewish Stars. 

* As a result of the COVID crisis, these dates and itinerary are tentative. All participants will be required to provide proof of vaccination and other governmental requirements before departing the US.


Lt. Robert S. Fink headstone change ceremony in Manila


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